Wedding Fever vol. 1 (The Dress)

Remember way, way waaaaay back in December, specifically Christmas when I got ENGAGED!  Get ready to be overwhelmed by wedding ideas because I’ve got a million of ’em!  This is Wedding Fever, volume 1.

Back in April I did a little shopping trip to David’s Bridal for some dress shopping.  Only a few hours after I got engaged my dear mother was already sending me dress ideas so we were really itching for this shopping excursion.  We learned a lot.  I’ll just say that.  But since then, I’ve pinned some very inspiring pics on Pinterest and I HAVE to share them!

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I LOVE the dresses that are a little larger, flowy, tulle-y.  So romantic.  BUT then I also love the more form fitting, fit and flare kind of looks with loads of lace.  Is it unreasonable to have more than two dresses?  How am I ever going to decide when the time comes?

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Goodbye Motley Crue

Last weekend we said goodbye (this time for good) to Motley Crue.  The legendary band made a stop in Milwaukee on their final tour.  Final tour, ever.


The fam trooped to MKE and made a quick beer stop at The Harp which is right on the Milwaukee River even though the city has that mid-summer scent of liquid garbage and rotting seaweed but once you have a few beers you barely notice it.


Next stop, the Bradley Center but only after you tried to politely ignore the religious protestors and their Bible-y handouts.Inside, we had more beer, gross chicken tenders, a photobombing incident and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!


Alice Cooper opened.  That’s all I’ll say.  He’s insane.  Motley Crue was amazing as always and Tommi Lee’s drum set-roller coaster thing was legit.


After our faces were melted we headed to Buckhead Saloon which is a strange club/country bar with an abundance of underage girls in VERY tight dresses.  Did I mention that my Dad and I lit the dance floor on fire?  We did

Thank you Crue, you guys will be missed.



I am sitting peacefully on my big blue couch typing out this post while my banana bread bakes in the oven (even though it’s 90+ degrees outside), lightning strikes outside, and Vinny snoozes in the other room. Shelly and Luna are on weather watch out the front window. Life is good. I’ve missed you all.

I’ve been doing a little hopping back and forth between sort of “journaling” here and in an actual journal. Which is better? I can’t decide. This place has more pretty pictures.

What have I been up to?  Not much.  Working as usual, dream planning our wedding, enjoying sweet summa time, cuddling kitties, painting by numbers, reading thick books.  All the best things in life.

What have you been up to?

Seven Years

Over the weekend, the family, Vin and I headed to the north woods of Wisconsin to celebrate!  Vin and I have been together for seven years as of January 30th.  It’s such a strange feeling to see that number.  Vin and I always reminisce about when we first met all those years ago, how young we were, how dumb we were and look at us now!  Engaged, living together, we have real grown-up jobs, we have two cats that terrorize us constantly…what a change.  It feels like forever ago but just yesterday at the same time.  How cliche of me.


On Friday afternoon we piled in the car to head up north eh.  Vin and I played Catchphrase for four and a half hours, the longest game of all time.  We arrived at our quaint cabin to find my brothers zooming around on the snowmobiles.  Saturday brought a trip in to Eagle River to visit my aunt and uncle’s cabin in the woods.  I tested out my mom’s new snowshoes which is much more difficult that expected.  The woods cabin is like being at an animal reserve, there are deer everywhere including an albino family.  Deer are just the goofiest animals, they act like really tall dogs.  The cabin is huge gorgeous windows which are perfect for deer watching.  After hours of beer and deer, my mom and I headed to the Tribute Brewing Co. for a growler of blueberry beer.  It’s delicious, my new favorite drink!  It’s mostly berry flavored than beer flavored which my picky mother appreciates.


That night my mom and I ate an entire double-batch of guacamole while we waited for the boys to return from their 134 mile snowmobile trip. Once back, the boys promptly fell asleep in the recliners, what a lively bunch.  It was a great weekend and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary although Vin and I spent very little time together.  But hey, we have the rest of our lives for that right?


It’s been snowing like crazy the last few days, like blizzard warning kind of snow.  The cats are in love.  Freaks. Someone send me some Spring weather.  I’m desperate.


Reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I’m always a few years behind when it comes to the “hot books” so no judgement for only reading this one now.  I want to watch the movie so badly but I have to finish the book first!!  That is my mantra every time I see a commercial for the DVD “must finish the book, must finish the book!”  Also, Nick and Amy have the weirdest relationship, did anyone else feel that way?  “Must finish the book!”

Our Three Lakes surroundings.

Thinking About: This weekend!  It’s going to be so fun!  Vin and I are heading up north to Three Lakes to celebrate our anniversary.  SEVEN YEARS!  I’ve been dreaming about our sweet family cabin, cuddling by the fire and all that snow.  I’m hoping we make it up there at a reasonable hour on Friday for some Old Fashion’s and fish fry and Bonnie’s.  I’m sure Vin is dreaming about snowmobiling with my dad and brothers.  He absolutely lives for snowmobiling. I’m sure my mom and I will tend the fire at the cabin while working on our knitting projects.

Listening:  I’ve been listening to a lot of The Head and The Heart and Bryan John Appleby.  They are quite a dynamic duo when you put them on the same playlist, perhaps they should go on tour together?  Here is a favorites for your listening pleasure: Cliffs Along the Sea by Bryan John Appleby

I love this song but every time I watch the music video it makes giggle.  What is more awkward than two dudes, in a row boat wearing matching plaid?  Nothing!

Watching: Vin and I watched the film Boyhood last night.  Excellent!  Five stars.  You need to watch it if only for the fact that it took 12 years to complete.  It’s out on DVD!  I’ve also been thinking a lot about Downton Abbey.  Poor, poor Lady Edith, she is really tugging at my heart strings.  And Lady Mary!  What a fox!

Planning:  My mother, my dear friend Elaine and I are heading to NYC at the end of April for five days of tourist shenanigans.  The flights and hotels are booked, now to fill our itinerary.  Although I’m hoping there aren’t any more freak snow storms.  Please Mother Earth, no more!  No more snow, especially in April.

Loving: The slow and easy lifestyle Vin and I have created in our little home.  We don’t stress about much of anything and we love to sit around with a beer at night, dreaming about our future.  Last night we were trying to decide when the timing would be right to buy a house.  We giggled about all the land we’ll need for his giant garage and my cuddly animals.  But it’s not even real planning, it’s more just dreaming out loud with fake arguments about old houses versus new.  Vin has this weird idea that all old houses are haunted while I love their character and history.  Then we come full circle and decide that we are much too poor to be buying a house.  It’s nice to dream.

Around Here Lately

Happy 2015!  We’re off to a very slow start over here.  The weather is being unkind which forces us inside and in our jammies.  Lots of coffee, spike hot chocolate and napping, those resolutions will have to wait until this bitter, bitter cold lets up.  Seriously, the wind chill is -27 today.  Help us!


I want to acknowledge what a wonder it is having two kitties in the house.  Little baby Luna has been with us for about a month and she has finally come out of her shell.  She follows Shelly around like an annoying little sis.  They wrestle and run around like psychos, creating this rumbling stampede type of noise that you swear was generated by elephants.  They are best buds which makes me immensely happy! The more kitties, the merrier.  That’s my motto although Vinny would disagree.


Remember when I posted about my big, big news? Well, Vinny and I have opted for a nice long, relaxed engagement.  We’re hoping for a late Spring/early Summer wedding in 2018.  I have so many exciting ideas to share with you and a few antique store finds that are making me giddy!  Prepare yourself for weddings-galore and a new post series so you can get to know us better.   Check out my Pinterest @karleigho for more wedding inspiration along with everything else under the sun.

Please, please, please go see the film Unbroken.  It’s the story of an olympic runner turned soldier in World War II.  The TRUE story is inspiring and heartbreaking.  It will make you ever more thankful for our servicemen and women of the past, present and future.  It was first a book which you can find HERE!  I have not read it, but my mom said it is fantastic and the film follows it very closely. The book it definitely on my list of need-to-reads for this year.

You should also know that I have watched You’ve Got Mail three times this week.  I’m not ashamed.  Vinny is a little confused about it but that’s his problem.  I might even watch it again tomorrow.

I think that’s enough rambling for one post. See you soon and stay warm!

Happy New Year!

Please insert a “Happy New Year” post here.  Include something about saying goodbye to 2014 and how amazing 2015 will be.

I’m tired and I have to work in a few hours.  Plus, we all know you’ve read a million new year posts and I have nothing original to say on the subject.



Big, Giant, Colossal News!

Oh Christmas, you were so good this year.  I loved every minute of it.  All that family time, the gift giving, the lasagna, the spaghetti casserole, the wine, the twinkling lights and carols.

Pure magic.

And best of all, the most important Christmas gift of my life.  The promise between Vinny and I that we will spend our lives together, as one.

That’s right folks, O Karleigh is ENGAGED!!!!  Catching that bouquet a few months ago really did the trick.


I am so excited to begin this journey through life with my sweet Vinny by my side.  #journeyofkandv


Monday Roundup!

I’m chilling out, relaxing on this fine Monday watching Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons.  Put those judgmental eyes away, you know you’re jealous.  The K’s are all lounging in the sunshine, out on the boat, super sun kissed and fabulous.  I’m yearning for that summer sun right now on this rainy, gloomy day.  I wish Christmas in July was a real thing.

THREE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I’m so excited.  Shopping is done.  Wrapping is done.  I feel like a five year old again.  SANTA!  SANTA IS COMING!

Lots of caps lock in this post.  I’m not sorry.

This weekend my mommy-dearest and I went on a hot date to the movies to see The Theory of Everything.  Amazing film, I can see why it’s nominated for best picture.  Stephen Hawking is the bomb and his first wife Jane is a serious saint.  Amazing, amazing, bring tissues though. I can really understand the love and dedication that Jane had for Stephen.  She knew from the beginning that their life together would be difficult but she said yes anyway.  That is true love and I know that Vinny and I would do the same for each other.  Pure commitment, strength and courage in the face of hardship.  Jane Hawking is a super hero.


Every hodge podge post needs a cute kitty pic.  This is Luna, our newest addition to our kitty clan.  She is sweet, cuddly, terrified of everything but oh so cute.  Luna and Shelly are slowly becoming best buds with each sniff and chase.


Uncle Matt

It’s been nine long years since that night.  I was sitting at our computer at home, little eight grade Karleigh doing homework, when my mother came down and broke the news.  “Matt died.  He killed himself this morning.”  We hugged and hugged.   I cried and cried.  That night was the beginning of months, years of heartache for my family.  Suicide creates a different kind of grief.  Guilt, anger, mass confusion.  December 14th is a hard day for our family, every single year.


Even now, writing this post is so difficult.  That lump in my throat is ever present but this is important.  This is a subject that needs to be discussed.  Matt’s death came out of nowhere and blindsided us all.  We knew he was having a hard time but we never thought it would end like this.  Support the ones you love and be aware of what they are going through.  Ask those hard questions, it could save their life.  Don’t be afraid to step in and help.

Put this number in your phone and hand it out freely.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255