A Great Adventure in Japan

The last few months have been nothing short of insane.  Let’s all flash back to January.  I was struggling with the major life changes I had made a few months before, adjusting to a new job, trying to get used to living alone and getting back to my normal life when someone special popped into my life.  This is B.  Isn’t he just the cutest?!


B is a family friend (more like distant acquaintance, we literally never talked growing up but you get the point) who contacted me out of the blue to see how I was doing.  This spurred many texts, lots of snapchats and eventually four hour long Skype dates.

B is in the US Marine Corps and he’s currently stationed out in Okinawa, Japan.  After only a week of chit chatting he popped the question…not that question, lord help me NOT THAT question.  He said “hey, you should come visit me here in Japan!” and I said “YES!”  So the planning began and along the way we became closer and closer until we became official on one cozy February morning, B is mine.

More planning and more planning until April 4th when I boarded a plane and jetted off to Tokyo and then hopped down to Naha, Okinawa to meet my man…for the first time.  That first hug was my favorite moment of the whole trip and just being in the same country, the same airport, the same time zone with him was so special.  But, we still had TWO WHOLE WEEKS together.  So our adventure began…




After a week of shenanigans in Okinawa we flew up to Tokyo for one more week of sightseeing, beer drinking, sushi, beer drinking and beer drinking.



How many people can say that their first date included a two week vacation in a foreign country?  Although it was so difficult to leave, I can’t wait until we can be together again.  For now, let the long distance begin!



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