A Love Letter to Milwaukee

Dear Milwaukee,

I just want to come out and say it…I love you.  You’re the best.  You’re my personal little, big city.  I adore that first view of you when you come up the hill on the freeway, heading toward the Marquette interchange, over that little crest and BOOM, there you are.  That cute little downtown with just a dozen or so big buildings.  You are large but intimate.

img_3300I have magical memories of just about every street corner of your downtown.  Nights out with past loves, nights out with the family, nights out with new friends and old besties.  Nights of delicious food and too many delicious drinks.  That night on New Year’s Eve when I raced through your streets to meet someone special.  The night Mom and I made it into The Safehouse with the secret password.   The night Elaine and I searched and searched for a well hidden speakeasy.  That birthday ghost tour at Shaker’s Cigar Bar.  That night I got sloshed on Dark & Stormy’s at Blue Jacket.  Numerous amazing concerts.  The shalaylees at Mo’s Irish Pub.  All those nights of single slice pizza on Old World Third Street and Bloody Marys’ on Broadway.  The oysters at the Milwaukee Public Market, cheap beer at Duke’s and gourmet dinners at Morel.  Even those hellish years up the freeway in nursing school, Milwaukee, you were always there.  Glittering at night and reflecting that beauty in Lake Michigan.

IMG_1874You’re so great and I appreciate all those good times and even those not so good times.  Milwaukee, I look forward to our future.  I’m sure we have many more nights of laughter, smiles, dancing, food, drinks, shenanigans and wonder ahead of us.  Stay golden, I’ll see you soon.


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