New Tracks

Oh my goodness gracious.  Things have changed.  
Two months ago I was struggling.  I was struggling hard with the track my life was steaming ahead on.  I had been struggling for much longer than that, but two months ago was the moment when it really came to the forefront of my mind.  I was chugging along on tracks that I did not agree with, that my heart didn’t want.  I pulled the brake lever and made a change.  A scary, terrifying change.

One month ago, the Journey of K and V came to an end.  It ended with tears and hurt feelings.  We have parted ways and now I am left with the #journeyofK.  This is perhaps the most exciting, horrifying, suspenseful, twisting, turning, looping, confusing, inspiring, risky journey I’ve ever been on.  A journey governed only by MY mind, MY heart, and MY desires.  One month in.  Many moths to go.  #journeyofK

It is important to continue to practice self-awareness and realize when the tracks that lay ahead of you are not your own, they belong to someone else. Know that you can always pull the brake and step off.  Only YOU can do that.  Many people will disagree, many people will not understand, many people will hate you, but THEY DO NOT MATTER.  They have their own tracks to travel along on.  They don’t understand you like you do.  Those people don’t know what makes your heart flutter and you eyes sparkle.  Only you know.

You are not selfish for doing this.  You are being true to you.

Always be true.


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