Crash ‘Em, Smash ‘Em

Labor day is always an exciting time for my family and especially for Vin, it’s demo derby day!  It’s the ultimate hillbilly entertainment.  Semi-controlled car crashes.  Good times.


Many years ago when Vin decided he was going to purposely smash up a perfectly good car for the first time, I had no idea how much WORK goes into it.  First you have to find a cheap car which is generally the easiest part of this process.  This poor little car came from Vin’s former boss.

After a suitable car is procured then the looooong process of pulling parts off, gutting the inside, moving the battery, moving the gas tank, reinforcing and more reinforcing.  There is a lot of grinding and welding.  Vin even gave me a little crash course in welding.  Pro-tip, don’t look in to the light.  You’ll totes go blind.

Finally, it’s paint time.  My brother is borderline artistic genius and I’m not even exaggerating.  Each car Vin has involves flames (my brother’s specialty) and skulls and stuff.  Very badass.


Finally, demo day arrives at the Walworth county fair!  We all journey to the fair grounds in 5,000 degree weather (seriously it was hot) and we watch Vin run into other cars for about 15 minutes until only one car is left standing.  Lucky 13 took a beating!

    If you ever have the chance to watch a demo derby, do it!  It’s thoroughly entertaining although it’s even more fun when you know someone driving.


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