Wedding Fever vol.2 (Centerpieces)

Centerpieces!  This is probably the thing I pin the most over on Pinterest.  This board is full and I just can’t decide what I want!  I am loving the photo below of the flowers in a paper bag.  That is so casual/cool/genius!  I also found an antique store in Milwaukee with oodles of old milk bottles and blue mason jars.  I know mason jars in weddings are a LITTLE over-done but they look so perfect with flowers.

0da32899ef9833e3a0ecc5726b94fad3 80beb060fd82adf6c5535f37106c469f 094e8ddd9dceae818e6391130c446550

Also, daisies!  I love them.  Aren’t daisies just the friendliest flower?

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