B & Kes and The Exciting Weekend

We had the craziest weekend!  First thing’s first on Friday, our lovely friends B and Kes got hitched!  B and Kes are totally adorable, they’re high school sweethearts and they have the same anniversary as Vin and I minus 1 year.  Vin and B worked together back in high school and soon Kes and I were buds.  It’s so exciting to see them FINALLY together 4 eva!


Also, doesn’t Vin look lovely in a suit.



And seriously, isn’t Kes the most gorgeous bride!?  I don’t have a picture of it but the moment she walked through the doors her sweet groom was just a wreck.


The party was bumping, the food was delicious, the beer was a little too good.  Best wedding ever.


And later Vin’s brother caught the garter and his lovely girlfriend caught the bouquet!  FORESHADOWING.

IMG_2106IMG_2116That’s right folks!  Vin’s brother then popped the question the very next day in the middle of a river.  They’re canoeing freaks.  Of course, she said yes.

On Sunday Vin and I flew kites which is much less exciting than weddings and proposals.  Still the best weekend ever.  Now, back to work.


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