Wedding Fever vol. 1 (The Dress)

Remember way, way waaaaay back in December, specifically Christmas when I got ENGAGED!  Get ready to be overwhelmed by wedding ideas because I’ve got a million of ’em!  This is Wedding Fever, volume 1.

Back in April I did a little shopping trip to David’s Bridal for some dress shopping.  Only a few hours after I got engaged my dear mother was already sending me dress ideas so we were really itching for this shopping excursion.  We learned a lot.  I’ll just say that.  But since then, I’ve pinned some very inspiring pics on Pinterest and I HAVE to share them!

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I LOVE the dresses that are a little larger, flowy, tulle-y.  So romantic.  BUT then I also love the more form fitting, fit and flare kind of looks with loads of lace.  Is it unreasonable to have more than two dresses?  How am I ever going to decide when the time comes?

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