Goodbye Motley Crue

Last weekend we said goodbye (this time for good) to Motley Crue.  The legendary band made a stop in Milwaukee on their final tour.  Final tour, ever.


The fam trooped to MKE and made a quick beer stop at The Harp which is right on the Milwaukee River even though the city has that mid-summer scent of liquid garbage and rotting seaweed but once you have a few beers you barely notice it.


Next stop, the Bradley Center but only after you tried to politely ignore the religious protestors and their Bible-y handouts.Inside, we had more beer, gross chicken tenders, a photobombing incident and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!


Alice Cooper opened.  That’s all I’ll say.  He’s insane.  Motley Crue was amazing as always and Tommi Lee’s drum set-roller coaster thing was legit.


After our faces were melted we headed to Buckhead Saloon which is a strange club/country bar with an abundance of underage girls in VERY tight dresses.  Did I mention that my Dad and I lit the dance floor on fire?  We did

Thank you Crue, you guys will be missed.


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