Seven Years

Over the weekend, the family, Vin and I headed to the north woods of Wisconsin to celebrate!  Vin and I have been together for seven years as of January 30th.  It’s such a strange feeling to see that number.  Vin and I always reminisce about when we first met all those years ago, how young we were, how dumb we were and look at us now!  Engaged, living together, we have real grown-up jobs, we have two cats that terrorize us constantly…what a change.  It feels like forever ago but just yesterday at the same time.  How cliche of me.


On Friday afternoon we piled in the car to head up north eh.  Vin and I played Catchphrase for four and a half hours, the longest game of all time.  We arrived at our quaint cabin to find my brothers zooming around on the snowmobiles.  Saturday brought a trip in to Eagle River to visit my aunt and uncle’s cabin in the woods.  I tested out my mom’s new snowshoes which is much more difficult that expected.  The woods cabin is like being at an animal reserve, there are deer everywhere including an albino family.  Deer are just the goofiest animals, they act like really tall dogs.  The cabin is huge gorgeous windows which are perfect for deer watching.  After hours of beer and deer, my mom and I headed to the Tribute Brewing Co. for a growler of blueberry beer.  It’s delicious, my new favorite drink!  It’s mostly berry flavored than beer flavored which my picky mother appreciates.


That night my mom and I ate an entire double-batch of guacamole while we waited for the boys to return from their 134 mile snowmobile trip. Once back, the boys promptly fell asleep in the recliners, what a lively bunch.  It was a great weekend and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary although Vin and I spent very little time together.  But hey, we have the rest of our lives for that right?


It’s been snowing like crazy the last few days, like blizzard warning kind of snow.  The cats are in love.  Freaks. Someone send me some Spring weather.  I’m desperate.


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