Reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I’m always a few years behind when it comes to the “hot books” so no judgement for only reading this one now.  I want to watch the movie so badly but I have to finish the book first!!  That is my mantra every time I see a commercial for the DVD “must finish the book, must finish the book!”  Also, Nick and Amy have the weirdest relationship, did anyone else feel that way?  “Must finish the book!”

Our Three Lakes surroundings.

Thinking About: This weekend!  It’s going to be so fun!  Vin and I are heading up north to Three Lakes to celebrate our anniversary.  SEVEN YEARS!  I’ve been dreaming about our sweet family cabin, cuddling by the fire and all that snow.  I’m hoping we make it up there at a reasonable hour on Friday for some Old Fashion’s and fish fry and Bonnie’s.  I’m sure Vin is dreaming about snowmobiling with my dad and brothers.  He absolutely lives for snowmobiling. I’m sure my mom and I will tend the fire at the cabin while working on our knitting projects.

Listening:  I’ve been listening to a lot of The Head and The Heart and Bryan John Appleby.  They are quite a dynamic duo when you put them on the same playlist, perhaps they should go on tour together?  Here is a favorites for your listening pleasure: Cliffs Along the Sea by Bryan John Appleby

I love this song but every time I watch the music video it makes giggle.  What is more awkward than two dudes, in a row boat wearing matching plaid?  Nothing!

Watching: Vin and I watched the film Boyhood last night.  Excellent!  Five stars.  You need to watch it if only for the fact that it took 12 years to complete.  It’s out on DVD!  I’ve also been thinking a lot about Downton Abbey.  Poor, poor Lady Edith, she is really tugging at my heart strings.  And Lady Mary!  What a fox!

Planning:  My mother, my dear friend Elaine and I are heading to NYC at the end of April for five days of tourist shenanigans.  The flights and hotels are booked, now to fill our itinerary.  Although I’m hoping there aren’t any more freak snow storms.  Please Mother Earth, no more!  No more snow, especially in April.

Loving: The slow and easy lifestyle Vin and I have created in our little home.  We don’t stress about much of anything and we love to sit around with a beer at night, dreaming about our future.  Last night we were trying to decide when the timing would be right to buy a house.  We giggled about all the land we’ll need for his giant garage and my cuddly animals.  But it’s not even real planning, it’s more just dreaming out loud with fake arguments about old houses versus new.  Vin has this weird idea that all old houses are haunted while I love their character and history.  Then we come full circle and decide that we are much too poor to be buying a house.  It’s nice to dream.


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