Around Here Lately

Happy 2015!  We’re off to a very slow start over here.  The weather is being unkind which forces us inside and in our jammies.  Lots of coffee, spike hot chocolate and napping, those resolutions will have to wait until this bitter, bitter cold lets up.  Seriously, the wind chill is -27 today.  Help us!


I want to acknowledge what a wonder it is having two kitties in the house.  Little baby Luna has been with us for about a month and she has finally come out of her shell.  She follows Shelly around like an annoying little sis.  They wrestle and run around like psychos, creating this rumbling stampede type of noise that you swear was generated by elephants.  They are best buds which makes me immensely happy! The more kitties, the merrier.  That’s my motto although Vinny would disagree.


Remember when I posted about my big, big news? Well, Vinny and I have opted for a nice long, relaxed engagement.  We’re hoping for a late Spring/early Summer wedding in 2018.  I have so many exciting ideas to share with you and a few antique store finds that are making me giddy!  Prepare yourself for weddings-galore and a new post series so you can get to know us better.   Check out my Pinterest @karleigho for more wedding inspiration along with everything else under the sun.

Please, please, please go see the film Unbroken.  It’s the story of an olympic runner turned soldier in World War II.  The TRUE story is inspiring and heartbreaking.  It will make you ever more thankful for our servicemen and women of the past, present and future.  It was first a book which you can find HERE!  I have not read it, but my mom said it is fantastic and the film follows it very closely. The book it definitely on my list of need-to-reads for this year.

You should also know that I have watched You’ve Got Mail three times this week.  I’m not ashamed.  Vinny is a little confused about it but that’s his problem.  I might even watch it again tomorrow.

I think that’s enough rambling for one post. See you soon and stay warm!


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