Monday Roundup!

I’m chilling out, relaxing on this fine Monday watching Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons.  Put those judgmental eyes away, you know you’re jealous.  The K’s are all lounging in the sunshine, out on the boat, super sun kissed and fabulous.  I’m yearning for that summer sun right now on this rainy, gloomy day.  I wish Christmas in July was a real thing.

THREE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I’m so excited.  Shopping is done.  Wrapping is done.  I feel like a five year old again.  SANTA!  SANTA IS COMING!

Lots of caps lock in this post.  I’m not sorry.

This weekend my mommy-dearest and I went on a hot date to the movies to see The Theory of Everything.  Amazing film, I can see why it’s nominated for best picture.  Stephen Hawking is the bomb and his first wife Jane is a serious saint.  Amazing, amazing, bring tissues though. I can really understand the love and dedication that Jane had for Stephen.  She knew from the beginning that their life together would be difficult but she said yes anyway.  That is true love and I know that Vinny and I would do the same for each other.  Pure commitment, strength and courage in the face of hardship.  Jane Hawking is a super hero.


Every hodge podge post needs a cute kitty pic.  This is Luna, our newest addition to our kitty clan.  She is sweet, cuddly, terrified of everything but oh so cute.  Luna and Shelly are slowly becoming best buds with each sniff and chase.



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