Our Night at the Symphony

Back in the good ‘ol days, I was what you may call, an orchestra nerd.  I played the viola in my school’s orchestra for six or seven years and I loved every minute of it.  A viola sounds similar to a cello, downsized and held like a violin.  It really has a great sound, not so squeaky like violins can be.  Deep, soothing sounds.


That being said, we wandered up to Milwaukee to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra play a tribute to Led Zeppelin.  There is a singer, electric strings player and guitar player all backed by a full orchestra.  Every songs sounded amazing.  I’ve always loved the sound of strings behind contemporary music especially with unexpected genres like classic rock.  Led Zeppelin has so many iconic songs that are great to hear live.

We also had a delicious dinner at Vagabond, previously known as Rudy’s downtown near Water Street.  They specialize in street tacos with a million varieties.  I recommend the steak enchilada but I love all enchiladas.  And get the duck nachos!  You’ll thank me.


All around, an excellent evening.

Happy Monday, stay strong, power on.


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