Harmonious Living, My Tips

Are you moving in with your sweetheart?  Newly hitched and trying to adjust to your new roomie?  Thankfully, Vinny and I took the plunge and moved into our sweet little apartment in August.  It’s been four months of mostly smooth sailing.  Here are a few helpful tips to happy cohabitation.

Terrible iPhone photo for the win!

1.  Talk it out.  You and your honey will not agree on everything, trust me.  For us, it was minor things like who gets what side of the bed or who will take the garbage out each week.  But be sure to discuss those more major issues like finances especially.  Although you’ll be sharing many things, everyone comes from different circumstances so be sure to have those discussions and get on the same page!  Also, your darling can’t read your mind.  Tell them what’s on your mind, be clear.

2. Compromise. 50-50.  Keep it even.  Let him win.  Let her win.

3. Be nice.  You may disagree but don’t let your anger lead you down the path of saying things you’ll regret later.  Take time to cool down before coming to a conclusion when a disagreement arises. Which also leads me to number 4….

4. “Please” and “thank you” can go a long way to helping your beau feel appreciated.  “Thank you for doing the dishes.”  “Please take out the trash when you have a chance.”  “Thank you for making dinner.”

5.  Get off the couch.  Vin and I especially fall victim to this!  My grandmother was appalled when she found out we were using an old college futon as our living room couch.  So when the local furniture store went out of business, she bought a lovely blue sofa for us.  Thanks grandma! Now, it’s a bit of a challenge to get us off it and away from the TV.  Date night is important, keep things exciting!


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