Giving of Thanks


Thanksgiving day has always been an absolute favorite holiday of mine.  Lots of stuffing, lots of those special sugar cookies my aunt makes and loads of family time.  All we ever do is eat and laugh.  Sigh. My family is the best.  This year was no exception, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 12.  Although, I can’t think of a concrete reason why it was so great.  We had the same food we always do and giggled constantly like we always do.  Maybe that’s why it was so great?  The comfort.  Who knows.  Whenever I think of the upcoming holiday season I just get all warm and fuzzy inside.  So much excitement!


I’m having way too much fun planning my Christmas decorations for the apartment.  It’s our first Christmas in our own place and it’s going to be very sparkly and sweet.  I’ve bought a million strings of lights and the cutest stockings! My aunt and uncle were kind enough to give us their old tree and Vin put it up the minute we got home!  The only issue is Shelly.  She is in love with the tree and is constantly climbing it, knocking off our new ornaments and generally making our cute tree look like hell.


Also, it’s December?  This year has flown by!


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