Lion King – Broadway in Milwaukee

Hiya everyone!  Last week my mother, aunt and I wandered up to Milwaukee to see The Lion King play/musical/broadway whatever-you-want-to-call-it.  It was excellent but first, we must discuss dinner!

Hello terrible iphone selfie

We had a delicious dinner at Morel in Walker’s Point. They have a serious wine list along with a farm-to-table philosophy.  They menu changes daily with their very own pastry chef on staff which means amazing desserts! Our family friend Zach, works at Morel as a chef and he really treated us well.  Dinner was amazing (hello, pheasant!) but my favorite part was dessert (as usual).  We had a maple glazed doughnut with bacon and chocolate ice cream.  Yum, more please.  Adding bacon to dessert is the best invention of all time.  Don’t knock it ’til you try it, bacon and chocolate go together so well.

bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon

After dinner we headed over to the Milwaukee Theater for Lion King.  The music was amazing, the actors had great singing voices and the animals!!  Everyone needs to see this show if only to see the animal costumes.  The giraffes!  Those actors deserve a trophy for being way up on those stilts.  Was that a spoiler alert?

You’ve been on a bit of a Broadway binge lately, earlier this year we saw War Horse when it stopped in Milwaukee.  Next spring we are making the long-awaited pilgrimage to New York City.  I’ve been wanting to visit for years and years and years.  It’s finally going to happen, my dreams are coming true!  I’m going to the real Broadway!  Prepare yourself!  Am I being a little over-enthusiastic? Probably not.  But bad news for Burlington, I may never return.



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