Beauty Favorites: volume 1

Although I will never ever consider myself a beauty guru like those fab gals on youtube, I do know what I like and what works with my goofy face.


Here are a few of my current favorite beauty supplies:

Maybelline Full ‘n Soft mascara             You can find it HERE       I buy mine at Walmart
I have been using this mascara since my middle school days. I love it, it truly does create full lashes but keeps them soft. I’ve tried other popular brands like Great Lash by Maybelline or Lash Blast by Covergirl but they always left stiff, straw like lashes. Screw that nonsense.  I want soft, touchable lashes.  This mascara holds well and doesn’t rub off easily.

Covergirl Liquilineblast                             You can find it HERE       I buy mine at Walmart
This is a newer find for me. I have always been a liquid eyeliner maniac but I wanted to try a pencil for a softer look. Liquiline is a pencil that gives a strong, smooth line like liquid but with the smudge-ability of pencil. Best of both worlds! It comes with a little smudger thing on the end but I prefer my angled brush for better control. It seems to stay put even after a 12 hours shift!  The one downside is that you have to have a pencil sharpen and it’s a bit of a pain to sharpen.  Covergirl should make it a twist-up.

Urban Decay lipstick                                  You can find it HERE
I’ve always been envious of those gals who can rock a red lip like no one’s business so I decided to make myself into one of those gals. I’ve always heard amazing things about Urban Decay lipstick so I decided to invest. I am currently using the Mrs. Mia Wallace shade from the Pulp Fiction line. it is awesome. The shade is a little darker red which I like and it stays put forever! I wear it constantly, like right now! I’m in full sweats with a red lip. Ignore the price, just buy it!

Urband Decay Brow Box                           You can find it HERE
Now, I am a gal with goofy ass brows. They are bleach blonde, invisible on my face despite my dark blonde (now red) hair. I’ve tried dying them but it never turns out quite right and I’ve tried many pencil and powder combinations with mediocre effects. The brow box is heaven. The powder stays put even when you skip the wax. The box comes with two colored powders inside, I have the brown sugar shade.  It also comes with tweezers and two brushes. I only use the brushes for the wax so I don’t gunk up my nice brushes. I no longer look like a strange alien.


What are your favorite, go-to beauty supplies?


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